school loans

suck. ha. kidding. sort of.

they are manageable, sort of, as well. the key of the matter is to not get like 50K in them, like some people i know probably will end up having; that’s the danger of schooling and continuing your continued schooling. has some information on them and you may have to pay them back on this site, and is another website for helping with student loans. also consider this:, it’s a place where you can potentially find out the total damage. that was helpful (and sad) to me, but useful nonetheless.
luckily i don’t have to pay off my loans right now, paying off one tiny one of them, one payment, one month at a time, is hard enough with everything else. however, someday i will have a real job (no offense bux), and i will have mo’ money. but you know what they say…

anyway, at least they say school loans are the best type of debt to have. who knows. for now i just try to keep in school so i can prolong the avoidance of total inundation time. gulp.

life is good on the other hand- set up a doctor’s appointment, finished my coffee passport, and i got a care package from my mother.

i think

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  1. paola says:

    i think i’m going to london on nov 21.

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