when i don’t eat til 5pm

mcdonalds for babies

it gets hot out and in and i don’t know what’s going on anymore.

in today’s news (from amandoo’s landoo): what if you could see with your tongue that would be pretty cool, think of the blind…

and what if you made really good food out of these recipes and brought them to my house next week when i move into my new appartment with carlatdoo and we have a welcoming party.

i still need food and movement of the body and mind. let’s start a project independently, work on it for a week, and then we will discuss it in my next blog (whether that be a week from now or not)


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  1. Reade says:

    Hey Amandoo,
    It sure was a hoot spending a chill with you, Zilla, and the kids (Luna & Bella). What a time. You’re just the very top.

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