101 things

niagara falls frozen

in 1911 Niagara Falls was frozen. cute huh! imagine what it would be like to have lived then. terrorism? doubt you’d hear an utterance or suggestion of it. i read some good and some bad news, mostly bizarre.

bizarre that i witnessed my katten jump up several feet high on the curtains, paw her way up, and bat at or just plain eat with her mouth a moth- she has amazing accuracy and astute analysis of acrobatic accommodations necessary for moth catching and eating. i didn’t spray her with water either because i was too enraptured. (she obviously has become pro at this when home alone)

today i helped markface get some waste veggie oil from franconi’s. i hope to get my diesel beamer back and in action to get a conversion sometime and then i could really not buy gas. it’s always funny to see people’s reactions- one guy came out from another store in the strip mall and really did have both an amused and bemused expression on his face. when he ended up finding out what it was all about he enjoyed that much more, but was still probably a little perplexed. it’s an elaborate process and a good time except for occasional boredom *and always anticipate spills*.

carlabean and i will very soon move into our appartment- hopefully. not exactly sure. but we sure did talk about over 101 things we could do together to make money. so i’ll start a new section up with that in it. prepare for mucho more stuff to be hitting this blog up- new everything, some good ol’ top tens and listies? and a reminder of my trip to the beach with beach tag lady…coming soon….

Amandoo at the beach

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