mignon is french for cute. now you have learned something.

when i find something to be just way too cute i find sharing it helps. that, and speaking in your own private animal voice.

imagine a squirrel, taken in by a human, and then taken over by a pregnant doggie, who keeps it in her bed and then treats it like her child:
squirrel and puppies

and there you have it. way too cute.

moving on (to other important matters of business). i bet you’ve kissed someone. if you haven’t lately, find someone, even if it is a baby or a squirrel, and give it a nice kiss. to learn more: this might help you understand what i’m talking about!

not so cute? remember my airport story and what happened recently in the airports? well, it’s not like this is the only time in history when airport people have perhaps gotten a little, well, you know what i mean.

i just want to feel okay about living in the ustiddlies right now. earlier tonight i remembered that i was happiest and felt the most free ever when i lived in paris that one semester back in 03? yeah. those were the grood old days, biking around on my peugeot, walking or metro-ing wherever the krunktop i wanted.

yeah. living abroad equals was yes. so does looking forward to travelling or living abroad again. for now…sleepaccinos.

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