Fresh Cut Salads

What a tasty little name, right? Seriously though, this band is amazing. They combine the mental capacity of apes with musical evolution; they create revolutions with unintrusive intrusions to wake you up to the smell of home-cooked carrots. This 5-member band brings together creative collections of notes, instruments, and lyrics to tickle right all up in your eustachian tubes (and don’t let them lay a bed of spinach down in your semicircular canals). Really people, let’s get some testimonies going! They’re music is tasty as grilled right-from-the-vine squash in the summertime of a stirfy. Their personalities are eclectic and enigmatic as some have said and for more info (including an A-to-Z describatory guide), go to the fresh cut salads forum page. Anyway I’m bored of writing about these fabulous people because the complexities of their lives and genius (musical or otherwise) is too much to fathom and it kind of hurts my head. So I lied- I’m not actually bored of it, I just kind of want to go take a nap.

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