Grief Resources

I’m going to be compiling these for me just as much as for the next guy.

    Losing a Parent

Practical info/links from can help you find some good books. (I haven’t read any of these…yet)

Good blog a lady wrote about losing her father, (six months later)

Will add more later. I’m currently (a little over a year later) having more trouble with this loss, on and off.

    Losing a Sibling

My Adult Sibling Grief – this is an online group and resource center stemming from TJ Wray’s book “Surviving the Death of a Sibling”. I highly recommend this book!

Words of Wisdom for those who have Lost a Sibling – this was actually one of the first helpful sites I found while googling my great initial grief. Now, looking back at it again, it has a lot of helpful stuff and some of it is much more applicable.

Will add more later. About a year and a half later, I’m still a bit bewildered, but I didn’t live in the same area as my sister when she died, so it still can sometimes seem unreal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely gone through all the stages of grief and back. I have been lately wanting to, and dreaming about her. I don’t know what to say…maybe I should start a blog solely about death and loss and grief and whatnot. I have very good personal insights, going through the worst year of my life ever, and not to mention already having lost a cousin/best friend at age 8, an aunt in high school, and a grandfather a few years before my father and sister.

    Multiple losses (sigh!)

Loss from Multiple Deaths – this is from a site called Recover from Grief that has a lot more articles I like.

    Grief in General

Patterns of Grieving

    Grief and Depression

“When Grief Doesn’t Seem to be Getting Better”

Getting Grief Listed in the DSM as a Mental Disorder?! Oh, the Psychological Community of America- YOU CRAZY!

    Grief and The Holidays

Grieving During the Holidays from Natural Awakenings

The Holidays After Loved One has Died

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